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When You Are Passionless

Working towards your vision can be a joyous, energetic, and passionate experience. However, if the vision takes a while you can begin to lose your zeal and hope. I’ve been there before, where I knew the vision, but the passion was no more. The ideas did not flow as smooth and the joy was absent from the work I was doing. This may look like an obvious sign to call it quits, but you must not.

Just because the fire went away doesn’t mean God did.

Just because the passion is lacking doesn’t mean the vision isn’t still on schedule.

When pursuing your God-given Purpose remember you have to do nothing but embrace becoming it.

It already lives in you. Don’t force and fight your way to it, but move forward in peace and rest. Let your soul be at rest. Let your mind be at rest and know You was made to do this! You have everything you need living inside of you.


Let the woman within emerge.

The woman that lives in peace.

The woman that seeks God's face.

The woman of Joy.

The woman of Passion.

The Woman full of Energy.

She can re-emerge.

Maybe we’ve all been here and need a little freshening. Maybe it only takes a little refocusing and to bring the passion back to life for your vision...

Have rest today knowing that the vision isn’t delayed, you are not behind, and you didn’t do anything wrong. Enjoy the journey and know that You were made for this! The Passion is Yours. The Joy is Yours. The Peace is Yours. The Vision is Yours.

Get Your Passion Back!

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