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Use The Pain

Lying back on that pink couch, now everything that once shined and glistened has become stale and faded. The once joyous young woman stands to look in the mirror and almost doesn’t recognize herself. She is fragile, empty, and seeking an answer in the midst of pain. She looks around, but the little slogan that once empowered her so much has no weight.

Her favorite scripture doesn’t even touch her as it used to, and her favorite worship song doesn’t sound the same.

Everything that once glowed with God’s presence has faded. She stands and wonders when her joy will come back when she’ll look back at life with the same hunger and fire from before. Maybe it’ll all shine again, she just has to believe. Right?

Truthfully, this can be the result of pain. Pain has a way of changing us, and for the better. We can allow the pain to be our best teacher. We can allow the tears to be our cleanser, and the truth inside to be our healer.

Don’t let the pain go to waste. Don’t allow pain to break you without making you even greater. Pain helps you see all the beauty in your life. It will make you seek new ventures and doors for your life. Pain makes you better when you use it.

Many of us allow pain to lay within our hearts and dictate our moves, thoughts, and desires. Instead, let’s allow the hurt, the trauma, the heartbreak, and the mourning, to make us better.

Let’s use the pain in our gift, the pain in our life, the pain in our marriage, the pain in our relationships, the pain in our bodies to our advantage. Allow the pain to encourage you, drive you and move you into a better place.

God gives us the help we need in the midst of our pain.

You can and you will grow out of this, but for now, use the pain. Don’t waste it.


"My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is perfected in weakness."

2 Cor 12:9

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