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On Monday’s We Prayer Journal, but this Monday I want to reflect on a time before I even knew about prayer journaling and began writing my hearts fears, hurts, and emotions to God.

The truth was, I never saw it as praying, but slowly I began to see how the hurt on the pages turned to divine revelation and healing.

Prayer journaling became an intimate place I could go deep within myself to find the Lord. It came at a time in college when I had a roommate and no personal privacy. I couldn’t just pray out Loud because She could hear me and I didn’t want Her to hear my words to God.

So, journaling became my outlet. Sharing all my thoughts began empowering me and transforming the way I saw my circumstances. Before I knew it the thing I did once a day I began doing it every chance I got. I look back on that season and see how God really blessed me to find an intimate place with Him.

Today, find your closet in prayer journaling. Make time with The Lord to sit and write to Him. While the kid's nap, or between classes, and better yet with a warm cup of coffee, make the time to find your secret place with The Lord.

On Mondays We Prayer Journal!

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