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The REAL Glow Up

Nine years ago I gave my life to God, and that was the beginning of the Ultimate Glow Up. At the time, I was a freshman in college, I was wild at heart, and my only goal was to complete college and become a physical therapist.

I had no real direction for my life before I got saved. I was just a young woman looking for the next man to call me beautiful so I could feel worthy, or like I had substance.

However, over these past nine years I've seen the power of a real Glow Up. Not just the glow up where a girl cuts all her hair trying to appeal to a certain man, or the girl that wears all the stylish clothes, but inside is broken and lonely.

I’ve been both of those women, and I know that those aren’t Glow Ups. You don’t want to look as if you've lost the 20lbs or that you have attained the goal, but have yet to heal from the inside pains.

Getting saved turned my life upside down and around. It didn’t happen overnight. I just felt things I had never felt before. I couldn’t feel comfortable or even safe sleeping with men anymore. My old sins, like getting high and partying all night, were no more. I realize today my life has changed because my mind changed.

I had a higher calling, a calling I never dreamed of before I got saved.

Before, I just wanted a degree, and to become a wife and have kids. After I got saved I got a new mind that wanted a lot more.

I wanted to be an International Women’s Empowerment Speaker, I wanted to empower women all over the world, I wanted to create initiatives that give back to the youth. I wanted to help single mothers, and women in their purpose. My dreams expanded and it all started with one decision to give my heart to Jesus.

Now, nine years later, I still have to surrender my heart, I still get discouraged and distant from God, I still struggle with some of the things I did back then. I still battle in my mind. Every battle wasn’t removed, but God gave me something far better...

He gave me a hope for life, He gave me a dream that burns so deep that it keeps me up at night. He gave me a calling so big that I couldn't escape it. It's my life now.

The Ultimate Glow Up doesn’t start with numbers on the scale, but it starts with a decision to give God your heart even when you don't know how to, but with one decision you will step into your purpose.

Nine years later, that one decision I made in my freshman dorm room has birthed all of this. Never underestimate the power of a giving God your life, then you can experience a Real Glow Up in Your Life!

Weekly Scripture

"Now to Him who is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us".

Ephesians 3:20

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Your words are so precious! God bless you!

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