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The Process to Purpose

Don’t forfeit your process

Lights, cameras, action! Sitting on a director's chair, my makeup is fully done, my hair crazy slayed, and I am smiling big because once again I am stepping more and more into my purpose. To get here took months of preparation. From outlining scripts to planning photoshoots, from chatting with photographers to preparing hair, and even adding new steps to my daily skincare routine…all for this moment.

You may just see some photos or a video, but you don’t realize the time and faith it took to be here. I agreed to pay, even when I didn’t have the money. It took faith to believe God would come through. I picked out looks and poses before I hit my goal weight, so it took confidence. I struggled financially for months so it took resilience to see this vision come to fruition.

I am sharing with you the reality of a process. Everyone sees only the finished product, not the journey and the highs and lows. Going through the process refueled me for my life. It empowered me for my purpose. It revived me with so much more meaning and pushed me to go for my dreams. 

Many times we frown on the process when it's actually the process that is causing us to become the women we are called to be. I have asked God, “Why is this so hard?”, and “Why must I go through so much struggle?” when really it’s this hard thing that is meant to produce the character and resilience that I am meant to have. 

Remember that when the process is hard or feels like hell, just know the finished result will be beautiful. You may not see it now, but the process is actually assisting you in becoming the woman you are called to be. 

Don’t forfeit your process

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