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Take A Break

“Shut it all down.” This is what I heard one Wednesday night while lying on my pink couch. I began to think of all the reasons I couldn’t shut it down. I told God about our social calendar, upcoming content, etc. But I felt strongly that I needed to stop the ministry for three days. No ministry work for anyone, no emails, no Instagram, nothing!

In my hesitation, I reached out to my team and mentee, and cancelled everything. Next, I felt the need to also turn my phone off for most of these three days, only turning it on for certain reasons. 

Now, this was getting real. The workaholic in me wanted to use those three days as originally planned.  You know, wake up early, spend time with God, and get into what I love doing...creating!

However, the next day I felt a bit depressed. I had nothing to do. I was so consumed with my daily to-do list that I did nothing. I rose early and studied, then got so bored that I slept till 12 o'clock in the afternoon. A luxury I never partake in on any day of the week.

I went to coffee shops, met up with friends I'd been neglecting, went for walks, got my nails done, danced, binged watched a Netflix© series, and stayed up late and dyed my hair. Things I never get to do actually blessed me so much!

What I learned…

When God calls you to take a break, it’s so you won’t break.

Our father knows our deepest needs and He knows when we are riding on fumes. He knows when we are long overdue to get filled up. I realized after the first day that the break was refreshing to my life and personal walk with God. It made my prayer more real and intimitate, It removed the rush and gave me flow. Also, it allowed me to embrace the silence again and love it. I found peace.

The answers to your prayers are waiting on you…

Before I took this 3-day break, I sought God for a lot of questions for my life, A lot of uncertainties, and fear. Within the 3rd day of this break I found myself meditating on God, accepting love into my life, and feeling more at peace when I got the answers I was seeking, God answered a question specifically about what to do in this next season. The answer came so smooth that when I got up, I spoke it and just felt the burden of uncertainty fall away.

It’s all to get you back centered with Him…

I realized the whole purpose of this break wasn’t to make me depressed or fall behind in the ministry. It was to make me slow down enough to see Him again and embrace this beautiful life again. His whole purpose was to open my eyes to a new level of relationship, intimacy, and freedom in Him. 

It's okay to take a break and let go of the guilt of not studying perfectly, praying perfectly, looking perfectly or even saying the perfect things. Let it all Go and Take A Break to Fall back in Love with God. Not Religion, not a bunch of rules, but Relationship, a close friendship that you can live in daily with God without the guilt and burdens.

So please Take A Break, So You Don’t Break! Take time to love life again, take time to go to that salsa class, laugh and just experience the joy of God again. Take off the bondages of perfections and put on the freedom of His Love!

Take A Break!

"Martha, Martha," the Lord answered, "you are worried and upset about many things, But only one thing is necessary…”

Luke 10:41

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