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Stop For One Moment!

Updated: Dec 24, 2018

Sunday, evening as I was sitting on my bed and going over the upcoming week and all my to-do's something stopped me. I don’t know about you, but I can overwork, overthink, over-do, and over-scroll (on social media) and finally I was just Over It!

The Holy Spirit said to me "Stop for one Moment".

Stop Striving,

Stop Plotting,

Stop Moving,

Stop Doing,

and Stop Scrolling.

Just Stop and Breathe and Refocus back on me… At this moment I realized that I had let fear creep in due to the uncertainties, of my finances, future, and decisions. The fear was being masked with overworking and overeating.

It was apparent that the moments we take to breathe and get refocused back on God it will open up amazing doors for self-examination and healing. Stopping made me see the issue of my heart. It made me talk to Jesus on this matter and no longer cover it up with idle things. This was a moment of stillness and an inner conversation with Jesus. This conversation was something that I needed to do, which opened up doors for a more intimate prayer and words that finally said: "I just need you and I am scared".

Those little words allowed divine incite, and peace to now encamp the place that fear once lived. I learned that when all else fails, just Stop and Breathe. Remove the distractions and Get vulnerable with Jesus.

So, don’t forget to get back to the basics and simplify your daily life, by choosing to take time to just Stop and Breathe. Stop all seizing and give your focus Back to God.

Today, Choose to Refocus

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