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Step Into Your Purpose

Have you ever scrolled to the bottom of someone's Instagram© feed and seen how much has changed in their life? Honestly it looks drastically different, but one thing you notice is that they were progressively getting better, getting focused, and getting purposeful.

I share this because in the beginning I used Instagram and YouTube© as just a place to document things I was doing, like my hair, or travel vlogging. Either way, over time I got better at recording, more focused on what I wanted to share with the world, and I stepped into my purpose. I accomplished this even though it seemed impossible for a small-town Indian and Black girl to really make it on YouTube.

Even with all my personal insecurities, I showed up week after week on YouTube even when I doubted if God really called me to do this. Even when I felt lost in life, I kept creating and sharing how lost I felt, but God was my everything. Somehow through all that testing, I was standing right in the midst of my purpose and couldn’t even see it.

The pain in my heart was too much, the winds of insecurities were too loud, the pounding rain on my mind was overwhelming and I couldn’t see that the very thing I had been praying for... “God lead me into Your will”, “God guide my life”...I was actually standing in.

I realized over these past seven years that giving my life to Jesus is when my life changed. It was when I decided to trust God and to not run back to my old lifestyle. It was when I decided to lay in bed alone and cry the tears. It was when I decided to wake up every morning with a mission to do more, to reach more, and to not stop until every daughter of God was empowered.

I hope you see your reflection in my story. No matter how low we feel, or what our background is, God can and will use it all for His Glory. He will give you a new life in Him and transform that once unbeliever, backslider, lost, broken girl to a woman of faith.

Step Past your Insecurities

Step Past your fears

Step Past your Doubts

Step Past your unbelief and Step Into Your Purpose!

Weekly Scripture

" word will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desires and purpose for which I sent it."

Isaiah 55:11

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