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When you have no more words, no more prayers, when you are uncertain about the next moment, season, or chapter, you can just say one thing and embrace peace.

Keep on saying “yes”!

You see, years ago at 19 I said “yes” to God when I got saved, and then again at 21 when I had to stop shacking-up (living with someone that’s not your husband), and again at 22 when I chose to embrace purity until marriage. I would love to say the yeses were all easy, but they weren't at all. I cried many nights wondering why God would take these things away from me. Why He would allow me to be so hurt, so broken, and so shattered. Why He would allow me to face isolation and loneliness. 

I offered up many prayers and shed many tears, but something I always knew to do was to say “yes” to God. I knew that the moment of hurt wouldn't compare to the lifetime of bliss He wanted me to receive. I knew that the moment of letting go meant He had something to offer that was far more beautiful for me. 

I knew that the heartache would turn into a heart of wisdom, and He would use it for my good.

I have been saved for 8 years and even when I thought there wasn’t anything else I could say “yes” to, more things came to me. When I was 24, I had the revelation to give up drinking alcohol for the rest of my life. I mean, this was a hard one. I wanted to drink on my wedding day and even have an occasional glass of wine. I kept fighting this pull of God. I kept thinking it wasn’t fair. That is until He showed me my family line on both sides for generations had alcohol problems. He revealed that someone had to be the change. 

I know the “yes” we say to God can seem overwhelming and even uncomfortable, but I’ve learned that my “yes” is actually for someone else.

At 23 I created a Prom Dress Drive. My yes to God turned into a full women’s ministry, that yes was the catalyst to all that we do today. 

Now, I pray you always say “yes” to God even when you don’t know how things will turn out, even when you are lying in bed crying, even when you find yourself alone, shattered, or afraid. Always say “yes”.

One Yes Can Change Your Life!


“For many are called, but few are chosen.”

Matt. 22:14

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1 Comment

Jailyn Smith
Jailyn Smith
Jun 22, 2020

Wow Morgan I needed this devotional more than ever right now. I am in a season of Isolation and uncertainty I have no idea what to do next it’s a scary thing when God tears down your agenda but ik something beautiful will come from this. Beauty for ashes... thank you for your transparency ❤️.

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