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Say Yes!

In my apartment living room during a late-night prayer/worship session, God took me back. Back to the time I first said “Yes” to Him. Back when I was 19 years old, I was a drunk party girl with multiple lovers. This was a season of my life when I was the wildest. A freshman in college. And He called me.

This season with all the lights, music, and social sharing, I want us to decide to remember the reason for the season.

A man that would one day give up His life so we could have life.

A man that would one day take a beating so we could be healed.

A man that would one day be chastised so we could have peace.

A man that would bear our sins so we could be saved.

A savior He is. I am not speaking from a Bible story or someone else’s story, but my very own. I know God is a savior and I know the true reason for His coming. It was to save and give hope to the hopeless.

Broken on my dorm room floor in tears, He picked me up and offered me a new life in Him. He gave me a chance when I didn’t feel as if I deserved a chance. He gave me love when I didn’t know how to receive it. He gave me hope when I had none. And most of all He gave me a new life in Him.

Jesus saves lives, and I am a living testimony of how he can take a broken human and turn them into an anointed vessel!

Today decide to say YES to Jesus Christ! He will open new doors and take you on new paths!

Prayer Scripture

"Commit your work to the LORD, and your plans will be established."

Prov. 16:3

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