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Revamp Your Life

August of last year I wrote a blog post about Revamping Your Life!

It was all about how it all starts with God. Now, over a year and some change later I can really say things have changed so much, but there are still current areas in my life that need revamping and I am sure you are thinking the same.

No matter the season, we all need to spice things up and revamp our lives.

When we find ourselves in the same stuck schedule or debilitating thoughts then it is officially time to do some revamping!

Revamp means to improved form, structure, or appearance. This means our form of faith, the structure of our life and the appearance of our struggles need to change!

So, if you're done with the same old talk and repetitive actions.. it's time to spice things and up and leap into your Faith!


Do Something Bold and...hold up… before you go jumping out of an airplane or calling that ex, I mean to do something bold for you. Something you’ve been wanting to do, but you're pretty afraid of the judgment of others. Whatever it may be Go and Do it Boldly!


Create a Plan for Your Life! Figure out what you are working towards and expand in detail on how you are going to pursue it. You plan, but God leads. “The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord directs his paths” Prov. 16:9


See Yourself Clearly even with the flaws. Yes, this can be hard, especially if you still have that extra 20 pounds that stare at you in the mirror daily or you see all that acne and just feel so unworthy. Although you see the flaws clearly, make sure you see the positive clearly, as well. Like, your kind heart and ability to love again, or the optimism you walk in always, and even the way you dress and your makeup. Don’t forget God relishes in you and He loves you from the crazy personality to the sweet and sincere joy. See Yourself As He Does!


Let Your Light Shine and don’t hide your joy or downplay who you are. I personally did this for so long, and it’s pretty exhausting. However, you must embrace who you are and, no matter what, let your light become contagious to everyone around. You are here to shine brightly!


Walk-In-Confidence Many of us need a revamping because we don’t believe in our gifts or have the confidence of God to pursue it. Many times it’s not God holding us back, but our lack of faith. So, don’t run or shy from confidence, but everything you do, do it in confidence from chatting with a friend, going to the gym after a year, making a change or even in your workplace. Walk-In-Confidence and you will see how the things that once held you back no longer can!

Do Something Bold for You and decide to not sit stuck any longer! If it's your health, faith, a dream you put aside, a prayer life that has fallen off... No matter what, Today is a new opportunity to get it Right!

Revamp Your Life Today!

Choose the Better Version of You... Choose Her

"A Mans heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his paths"

Prov. 16:9

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