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Release Your Purpose

Sitting and looking out the coffee shop window while the busy city of cars zooms by, I wonder how many are living in peace and in turmoil?

How many are in struggle and not in rest?

How many have found what they're called to do?

How many are living a life on purpose?

How many have made the decision to live a life in Christ?

How many ran from God and are continuing to run from their greater self?

How many have allowed God to awaken them to their true selves?

I wonder because we must ask ourselves, “What am I willing to die with?”

Are we willing to take the business idea with us to the grave?

Or are we willing to take the unwritten books with us to the grave?

Are we willing to take the gift of singing and songwriting with us to the grave?

Are we willing to take the gift of teaching or speaking with us?

I say this because we want to go to the grave leaving it all here. Leaving the book behind so a girl in her early twenties will come across it one day and it will ignite something in her. We want to leave it here so the youth for generations to come can be blessed. We want to leave it all here and only take with us love.

The love we feel for people will allow us to use our gifts for them today so they can be greater tomorrow.

Now, we must see if there is anything brewing inside of us that we are willing to take to the grave. For me, I don’t want to take my non-profit, my messages, my books, written and unwritten, to the grave. I don’t want to take my dreams to the grave with me. I want to leave them all here in the physical, like Billy Graham did, like Oral Roberts did, like Kathryn Kuhlman did, like Myles Munroe did, and like Jesus did.

Today we have the Holy Spirit that was left behind for us, to experience the reality of God here on earth. We are that reality, and we have the power to use that gift of grace to leave more grace and more love and more wisdom behind.

So today I challenge you to ask yourself, “What are you willing to die with?” If you are willing to die with the book still in your head or the boutique not yet launched, then something is wrong. But if you say, “I must get all of it out of me before my time comes”, then it is time for you to get to work!

Don’t die with it, leave it for someone else!

Release Your Purpose!

Weekly Scripture

"Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart and

you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light"

Matthew 11:29-30

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