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Purposeful Mornings

I have Morning Routine videos on my YouTube© channel that have reached many people. You may have found my ministry through one of those videos. And here I am again teaching on how morning routines can lead you into a powerful and purposeful day and life.

You may wonder what got me so focused on morning routines and how it aligns with my achievements thus far and with my walk with God.

Well, early on around the age of 23 I realized the purpose for my life: to be an international speaker and to travel all over the world empowering God's daughters. That was my dream, and YouTube became my outlet.

At that season, I was a junior in college working on a biology degree, and I was overwhelmed in my classes.

That showed me that I needed to sketch time in my schedule for me to work on my dream. And that is how I got into morning routines. I saw that if I gave myself ample time in the mornings with God, and myself, that I would have a more focused and positive day. I saw that my vision was clearer and that even with a long day of classes I wasn’t running on empty, but on full, because I gave myself time to dream and create.

I credit much of my accomplishments to my alone time in the morning with God. This is where I got many ideas, cried many tears, overcame many setbacks, got up from heartbreak, received a fresh hope for my life, and kept pushing forward.

My morning routine is still not set in stone...some days I miss the workout, or the devotional, but I always try again every morning.

Don’t stop trying on your morning routine; it is a key step on your journey to greatness.

Weekly Scripture

"His Mercies are New Every Morning; great is your Faithfulness"

Lamentations 3:23

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