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Prayer Journal

I prayer journal daily, but at times, I journal only about my dreams. The big or simple dreams, like revamping my bedroom or office for a new look. I’ve learned throughout the years, that if I don’t journal about it, I must not want it. I journal about the desk I want or even the impact I desire to have on women through the ministry. Prayer journaling has become my place to surrender all my fears, emotions, and desires to God. This is the place I do not hold back, but release the true parts of Morgan.

Right before a big change happens in my life, I can look back at previous journal entries and see how the Lord was preparing me for the leap. Honestly, I wouldn’t be as emotionally mature without journaling because it catches all of my emotions. When I feel wronged, overlooked, or offended, my journal manages those emotions better than I can.

I want to encourage you to prayer-journal by telling you that in 2014, my sister gifted me a journal, and since then my life has changed. I had Jesus already, but I wasn’t embracing Him as my outlet until I began journaling. The anger issues finally started to get dealt with. The pain of past heartbreak finally began to be addressed. I watched that the hardened young woman began to release pent-up emotions and finally began to flourish.

So, today I urge you to start journaling! Go out and buy yourself a cute notebook to start writing about yourself, your story, your ups, and downs, what you feel, what you are thankful for, what your fears are, what your wildest dreams are, and what your life looks like with God.

If you start with the freedom to write anything you feel or comes to mind, you'll experience more freedom daily as you continue to prayer journal. I know it's may feel weird at first, but just know God can handle the rougher parts of you. He's got you sis, just journal.

Weekly Scripture

"Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you."

1 Peter 5:7

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