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The fact that one Idea can change your life is all that came to mind when starting to write. Truly I've experienced my life change by trusting God with just one idea. The first idea was to start the ministry. It truly changed my life. After three years, another idea came to me of starting a subscription service to help women. That changed my life from doing it all from my one-bedroom apartment to getting an office. And today I realize that it doesn’t take ten ideas, or ten different plans or strategies. It only takes one.

Today as I run an international ministry, I can get ahead of myself thinking I need so much more. But then again, God whispers to me that it only takes one. I only need one and that is Him. When you have God you have quite a lot. I wanted teams of ten-plus women. I wanted to have five in-house workers by this time, but that’s not the case, and every time I think I am not where I want to be, God reveals that I just need one.

One Idea, One Plan, and One God. As long as I have those I can do it all through Him who gives me strength.

In this season you may feel overwhelmed, unsure, or afraid. The bills can be piling up, the dream can look even further away. Remember, all you need is one. God is on your side and one idea. If you operate and believe God for the one, you will see a major breakthrough. You may just need one job interview, one email, one phone call, one plan, one video, and one post. All you need is one idea, one action step that can change your life.

Today, I see that one idea at 23 years old changed the trajectory of my life. It’s not perfect, but it is purposeful. It’s not easy, it’s raw and vulnerable. It’s not glamorous, it’s impactful.

I am praying that you will believe God for that one.

Weekly Scripture


I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

Philippians 4:13

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