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Old Lenses

In the backyard sitting on the picnic table and seeking the words for this Blog post. After writing a full page and hating it, I deleted it. Not because it wasn’t good, but because it wasn’t my best.

As I think about God and how when we fail, make mistakes, and miss the mark, He erases all of it and still greets us with love. See, He’s not like you and me who get frustrated with the failed attempts and call it quits. He gladly erases over and over again.

When I think about God erasing things, I reflect on how He erased my past.

He cleansed me from a relationship with a grown man when I was underage.

He cleansed me from traumatic events.

He cleansed me from past sexual acts. And He cleansed me from me.

Although He has erased it all, I haven’t. I still can see myself through that lens; the foggy, unsure, insecure, attention-seeking, fragile lens. The under-the-influence lens.

That’s not who I am anymore. Even though old emotions and desires spur up, I am not her and that lens is no longer mine.

Maybe you still see yourself through your past lens. While others can see the amazing gifts, talents, and attributes, all you can see is the old you. I want to encourage you today and let you know that even I battle with this. None of us are exempt from the struggles of our past, but let us remember the words of Paul who said, “I am leaving what is behind me behind me and pressing into what is before me” (Phil 3:13),

If God says you are saved, forgiven, pure, free, enough, beautiful, and worthy, then wage war in your mind to believe it! Because when we miss the mark, God is quick to erase it and give us another clean canvas to try again.

If you enjoyed this call in Tonight on The Purpose Call as Morgan Tracy J. goes more in depth of Old Lenses!

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