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Over the past seven years I have transformed from being a young woman to a woman of faith, and it all came with time, experience, and most importantly, wisdom. See, wisdom is when we apply knowledge, and many of the things I share on a weekly basis have come from wisdom. I take what I’ve learned and apply it to my life.

The scriptures say, “Don’t awaken love too soon”(Songs of Sol. 8:4), so I embraced abstinence at 22 years of age. The scriptures state, “Build your business before you build you home"(Prov. 24:27), so I focused on my purpose more than I focused on making money and other things.

The scriptures state, “Seek first the kingdom of God”(Matt. 6:33), so I decided to put God first and let everything else come after that.

The scriptures state to “Make a plan and God will direct your steps”(Prov.16:9), so I made a plan and worked on that plan all these years.

The scriptures state to “Be courageous and do not fear”(Josh. 1:9), so I embarked on this journey of fearlessness and watched my life change.

Honestly, my life went to the next level when I applied scripture and did these five things:

First, I increased my faith in God.

This is a given, but the Word tells us we get a new life in God, and that's exactly what happened to me. I went from the lost, drunk girl to a woman of God. I changed. It was hard, but in the end it was beautiful. The more my faith increased the less I had time for sorta-kindas. The sorta-kinda right people, or the sorta-kinda right job.

Second, I found a focus.

This meant even as a full-time college student I got focused on my purpose. Even when I wanted to doubt it and doubt that God even called me, I decided to stay focused. It’s seven years later and I am still focused on the same thing as I was back then. It has evolved, but my focus hasn’t shifted.

Third, embrace the flow of life.

In the beginning of my walk with God, I tried to force Jesus on everyone and I tried to be something I wasn't...that “perfect Christian”. And what I learned was that my walk went better when I just flowed. My life had more bliss and joys when I released the guilt of my failures, actions, and shortcomings, and just lived. Flowing with life like a stream of water made me realize that I didn’t have to resist or force God's prompting nor did I have to always know the answers and/or have control. Flowing with life taught me how to trust God and build relationships that ministered far more better than I ever could.

Fourth, I had to embrace fun.

For years I thought I was only supposed to suffer to be a great Christian. But then one day, God gave me a word, and the word was “fun”. I was put back by this, because I didn’t realize how long it had been since I had had real, true fun. I realized my God gets joy when my life has joy. So, I began to have more fun, spontaneous flights, dancing in my living room, going skating, flower shopping, and a lot more.

Fifth, I had to be fearless!

I realized to go to the places I was led to go and to speak on certain topics, to stand on a stage in front of hundreds of people, to travel alone and more, I had to be fearless. This meant for my purposes to fully come to life I had to push past my fears and trust that God had me. Being fearless isn’t the absence of fear, but it’s feeling the fear and doing it anyways!

To go to the next level in your life, it’s time to get fearless! It’s time to “boss up” and do what you’ve been called to do all along. It’s time to grow that faith, get focused, flow in your purpose, have fun and be fearless!

It’s Time to Go to the Next Level Daughter!

Weekly Scripture

"In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight"

Prov. 3:6

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