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My Favorite Recording Tops

When it comes to recording my Morning Coffee talks, I always want to be bright and looking good for the new week! I want to inspire other women to throw on their favorite blouse and also feel good.

I’ve noticed the right blouse can liven up any outfit and really show up your personality. 

I want to show you my top three favorite blouses that make a lasting impression.

1. Mesh Top

The first blouse is the Mesh Top. These are really in style and it can be a great fashion statement. You can look classy, stylish, and modest. I encourage you to keep the colors simple and not too loud!

Mesh tops come in bodysuits and crop tops. If you get the crop top version, add high waisted jeans or a high waisted skirt for overall coverage.

White Mesh Top: (Click Here)

2. The Flair

The second blouse is the one with a bow, added tie, or a neat flair to it. These accents add a nice touch to the blouse and make a simple top look much dressier. Find a top with a bold color and even a great bow or tie, or an oversized collar. These added details can really make a simple outfit stand out.

Pink Mesh Tie Bow Blouse: (Click Here)

3.Satin Sass

The third is all about the fabric. The satin fabric can be a bold statement. This particular top is actually a short party dress that I paired with a high waisted skirt to give it a major pop. Satin fabric can be considered sexy, but paired with the right bottoms you can tone down the look and wear it for brunch, a date, or pair it with some washed out jeans and see how it can make a simple style come to life!

Satin Ruched Side:(Click Here)

Now, comment below your favorite top! Mine is the Pink Flair Top!

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