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Matcha Iced Latte Summer Healthy Drink

To Glow Up health wise meant I had to make a change!

So instead of just dropping off everything at one time I decided to start small. For the last Month and I've removed coffee and creamer and started drinking a healthy summer Matcha Iced Latte!

Before you say "what is Matcha" Let me just tell it's this little green stuff with a boost of power!

Actually it's a powdered tea, not like traditional tea that use tea leaves in hot water. Matcha is the actual tea leaves pressed into powder.

This allows a wide variety of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins.

Now the Good Stuff!

It contains 2x more caffeine than brewed coffee, and that's why this is a great alternative for your high in carbs coffee drinks!

How to Make it:

First: Grab A Cup of Ice

Second: Pour in 11/2 cup of unsweetened almond milk

Third: Add tsp of Matcha to a small bowl

Fourth: Add hot water with Matcha & Whisk until it's frothy and no little clumps

Fifth: Pour Match into Cup of iced almond milk

Sixth: Add Stevia sweetener for taste and to keep drink low carb (if your not worried about carbs, try Agave)

Seven: Grab a straw and Enjoy!

This entire drink is 3 grams of carbs! Can't beat the healthy version!

I am a huge coffee lover, but Matcha is taking over for this summer and Glow Up Season! I've lost 4 pounds in 2 and a half weeks with eating low carb!

Now Start your Morning with your own Iced Matcha Latte! It's so tasty and it will be a perfect summer drink!

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