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Make Your Decision

This time two years ago, I was working for a public school and trying to figure out what route to take for my life. I had this crazy dream that I could be an international empowerment speaker, and take the ministry globally. After working towards it for years, it still felt so far away.

So, I debated if I should take the route that seemed more feasible or if I should go for my dreams. Honestly, the route that was more feasible was for me to become a middle school science teacher and to allow that to be my career since I had a bachelor’s degree in biology.

Well, obviously that would've been good, but that wouldn't be my real dream!

So, I was stuck with letting the dream go and just focusing on my career or continuing believing God for the vision and word He gave me.

I didn't realize, within the next seven months of making the decision to continue to go for my dream, I would replace my full-time jobs income and began to work for myself.

Today, I am a women's empowerment speaker with an office in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where I run my non-profit.

I say all this to say, most days aren't flawless.

I struggle!

I create!

I fail!

But I keep going!

What I learned is doing what you love makes your days brighter! It makes each day more and more desiring. Even if you haven't reached every dream, the journey of going for it is so fulfilling!

I hope you see that two years ago, I had a decision to make…and no one came and saved me. It was up to me to take the leap of faith. I didn't do anything drastic, I just made up my mind that I was going to live my dream and work towards it every chance I got!

Now, I'm in seminary at Oral Roberts University and running my own ministry, at times I am so shocked that one decision got me here. It wasn't the decision to leave my job, or the decision to move to a new city, but the decision that no matter the highs and lows of life, I was going to believe in the dream God put in my heart.

Today, I am standing in the promises of God. The promises don't come without work, but they show you that nothing is impossible with God.

The little Indian and Black girl from the small town in Oklahoma grew up and is inspiring women all around the world! Only God could do that!

Weekly Scripture

"I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me"

Phil. 4:13

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