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LIVE Your Life

For the past three to five years I forgot how to live. No, I didn’t stop breathing, but I stopped living. I would spend all night in front of a computer screen. I would say “no” to outings because I felt like I didn’t deserve to have fun. I truly felt like my life wasn’t great so I didn’t deserve to enjoy life. I needed to work. I needed to stay alone until I was the woman I should be. And quickly the years went by and the thought of just doing something for me seemed odd. Like going out to eat alone buying myself a new bag, or going to an event and dancing. All of it seemed so odd.

I went months just being alone until I began to push myself to live.

I wanted to walk my dog at this local park, but fear wouldn’t let me. I wanted to try the new spa, but fear of “do I have enough to do that for myself?” wouldn’t let me.

I realized that truly living my life was always going to challenge me to step out of my normal routine and comfort zone into a new one. When I was no longer afraid to live again, I was ready to try the things I had been wanting to try for years.

Like going to take photos in the garden.

Vlog in public.

Launch a magazine.

Get an office.

Feel confident enough to talk on camera.

All these little things I could finally do thanks to making one decision that I was going to live my life. Not just feel stuck or alone. Nor keep me stuck and alone. I decided if I had a desire to do something, I would do it. If I wanted to go for a 1-mile walk or jog, I would lay out my clothes the night before. If I want to cook more meals each week I will look up recipes I want to try and tackle them, just one recipe as time allotted.

Honestly, I made up my mind to stop overthinking. When the idea came, I would just go for it. No more telling myself I can’t or it’s not the right time or I need more money, but just making the decision to make it happen.

Living starts with realizing that the enemy came to destroy, but God came to give you a life of abundance.

Abundant Joy.

Abundant Peace.

Abundant Opportunities.

Abundant Resources.

Abundant Love.

You never know all the possibilities, experiences, and amazing things that await on the other side of your fears and limitations.

I hope that you live and challenge yourself every day to create a moment that made you truly feel like you lived.

Weekly Scripture

"The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly."

John 10:10

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