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Life Lessons

As women we put a lot of effort into our physical appearance. But what’s so important about being physically fit when our country is still fighting systemic racism? Reality has a way of humbling our priorities. However, I can tell you firsthand that physical fitness is much more than just snatched waists and body goals. 

After college, somewhere in my mid 20s, my body started to change. I was super tired, and my body would swell up constantly. I would be so mentally drained at times all I really wanted to do was eat some crackers, lay down, and escape from my responsibilities. I took on too much, and it all had me overwhelmed. Did I mention I’m an emotional eater? At one point I was buying the big hunk of chocolate cake in the food court Monday through Friday. I figured it was because I love chocolate and I deserved it. But the truth was I had reached a point where I stopped caring about myself.

When you add bad eating habits on top of being stressed out, it’s a recipe for disaster. The worst part was when everything I was keeping bottled up inside emotionally began exposing itself on my face. I broke out, my face swelled, and my skin started to peel. 

My body had reached its limits. 

During this time of unrest in our country, I am reminded of that season in my life. My face isn’t swelling, but I’m constantly tired. Constant news sources, violent images, and questionable video after video are straight up discouraging. I’m worried about my brother, nephew, and cousins subconsciously on top of it all.

Thankfully, I have loving friends in my life who wrestled down my stubbornness the first time I was mentally fatigued. Because of them, I got some rest and my work was still taken care of. Learning to delegate and trust others with my responsibilities was a big step. Next I had to change my eating habits. That didn’t change overnight. And I still currently enjoy my bread and sweets, but in moderation of course. 

Lastly, I had to come to the realization that I had nowhere to release all the pent up stress and frustration. That is, until I started working out. In the morning before my duties came calling, I had to take care of me for a change. Working out became a way to physically let out what I may have been holding on to internally. It was like the weight of the day came dripping off in my sweat.

If you find yourself becoming overwhelmed, anxious, fearful, unsure about the future because of what you see going on between ‘Rona and the protests, you are not alone. I believe we all have our moments, but similar to my friends pushing me, it’s all about learning to manage it. So, get some rest, get off social media for a while, delegate some responsibilities if you can, make wise eating choices and let that aggression out in your workout, not just in the protest.

Take care of you so you can take care of your passions.

Make sure that you are fully equipped to fight whatever battles come your way.

The other day I had to turn off my phone and watch a comedy before I went to bed, because I just needed to laugh a bit. And that’s okay. Realize what you need and take the proper steps to make it happen. You are important to this world. It’s not all about showing up, being physically present, but making sure you have what it takes to show up mentally, spiritually, and emotionally healthy too.

That’s the magic girls like us are made of. 

Keep your crown up,

Felicia Morgan

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