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Life Is Your Ministry

Well, today I was late! Late with everything and the feelings of inadequacy began to plague my mind as I tried to get my day on track. My insecurities stared me in the face. My weight gain overpowered my weight loss. Oh, and did I mention I had so many things on my to-do list that I didn't have time to think.

Well, that was my day. I know not very exciting, but the truth is that this is how God develops me. In moments like this. In the moments I am broken, shattered, or just lost these are the moments that He is molding me and giving me divine strength. I could say that today was beautiful, but the truth was I had to push today. Push past my fears, insecurities, and inadequacies. Which all tied to fear. I know that the blessing God has for me is on the other side of my fear.

My life isn't always chills and divine revelation, but many days of pushing past my old views and standing firm against the battlefield of my mind.

The truth is today, I fought. Fought for my peace, Fought for the promises of God. Fought for my inheritance. It is in these moments that I see that the ministry God has given me is not only subjected to stage or in front of a camera, but it's my everyday life.

Everyday Choices.

Everyday Obedience.

Everyday Fight.

Everyday Trust.

Everyday putting off the old man and grabbing ahold to the new man.

Everyday Life is my Ministry and in our Everyday Life is when we have the biggest impact!

Prayer Journal about How God challenges you and transform you in your everyday life!

Everyday Ministry!

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