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Keep Walking, Girl

After seven years of walking with God I would love to say I never gave up, or that I never became lukewarm or even fell off, but honestly I have. Many times. I’ve lost the zeal, the passion, and ran from God because I felt like I’ve failed him.

I share this because no matter what you may think about me, or other ministers, we are all still very human, we all fall short, we all struggle, we all make mistakes, and the key is to keep walking with Him, even when we don’t want to or know how. But we must.

I want to share with you how to keep walking with God in 2021.

First, Rededicate Your Life

No matter what the cost, no matter the fear you feel, give it all to God. It's okay to give God your full life, even if you are scared. God will bring you much joy and a beautiful reward, which is a personal relationship with Him through Jesus.

Second, Become Aware of God

This is a pivotal step to your walk, by becoming aware of God in your daily life. This awareness that God is with you, guiding you, helping you, healing you, and restoring you is a major way to see more of His goodness in your life.

Third, Pray Like No One is Listening

Prayer isn’t some religious act; it’s like talking with a close friend that won’t judge you, but pour into you and encourage you through it. Even when you have no words, your tears and groans are all the words God needs to hear. You can simply say, “I need you, help me”.

Fourth, Obey Him

When we obey, that means when we feel the tug of God on our heart or to help someone, to call a family member, to give up a small desire, that all will result in more of what God has for us. We obey because we believe His ways are better than our very own and understanding.

Fifth, Honor God

The scriptures say all throughout to fear the Lord our God, which really means honor Him in our everyday lives. Honor His goodness by being good to others. Honor His love by loving others. Honor His grace by having grace for yourself. Honor His forgiveness by forgiving others. Honor Him by the decisions you make and by the words you speak. Honor His peace, by living in joy.

Lastly, girl, it’s just a daily decision to keep walking with Him.

Keep Walking, Girl!

Weekly Scripture

"The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and restores those of a contrite spirit"

Psalm 34:18

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