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Keep Knocking Daughter

In 2016 I had this dream to go get a masters degree at Oral Roberts University. This dream came from seeing many great leaders in Christ go there, such as Dr. Myles Munroe, Billy Graham, and much more. Seeing this legacy, a little dream sparked in my heart.

At the time, I was still working towards a bachelors degree that I had no passion for, and when I lost financial aid and had to leave college, the dream of attending Oral Roberts University got pushed away.

I tucked it deep within my heart and stopped hoping for it. I believed that God had another route or plan for me. However, in 2018, two years later, God said it was time for me to go after that dream again. To pick it back up and brush the dust off of it and actively pursue it.

I realized this was the dream I really wanted. Not a new car or a two-story home, or marriage, but my heart's biggest dream was to attend this school because I knew it could bless my ministry and make it international. I knew it was where God was leading me.

So, I began knocking on the door of my greatness in faith. I produced more videos, I created more devotionals, and free resources. I created more products that could help the ministry sustain itself.

Now, five years later, that door is finally opening up for me. I lost faith in this door many times, I got weary by this door, I ran back to old vices because the door looked like it would never open and, in all that, God still opened the door in His season.

I want to tell you to keep knocking on the door of your greatness. Keep knocking because one day God will open that door for you and you will see why you had to wait.

Why you had to go through the more scenic route.

Why you had to go through the hills and valleys.

Why you had to cry those tears.

Why you had to walk away from comfortable places.

Everything will make sense why God did it the way He did it.

Trust Him Daughter and Keep knocking! God will open it.

Weekly Scripture

"Write the Vision and Make it Plain.. The vision waits its appointed time. Although the vision may tarry, wait for it, it will surely come."

Hab. 2:2-3

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