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How to get Motivated when life Falls Apart

Driving to my office on a hot summer day with my morning chilled green smoothie in hand, my mind is racing trying to figure out what to record for the next Morning Coffee segment for my YouTube channel. Due to some delays, I was now behind on my recording schedule and feeling the pressure to deliver for my audience.

As I sat at a red light, I was going over my thoughts and my tips on staying motivated, like doing a brain dump, writing a plan of action, etc. I concluded that changing my scenery was my go-to, until God asked me, “Morgan, how did you get motivated when you couldn’t get off the couch?” Honestly, this question made me realize that I wasn’t giving tips to get motivated, I was sharing my very own coping mechanisms that I've used since I was a kid.

Coping mechanisms are strategies people often use in the face of stress and/or trauma to help manage painful or difficult emotions.

As a kid, I could get dressed and have no running water, but go to school and play the part. I could experience traumatic moments at home, and the next day has the biggest smile on my face for friends and coaches. I learned how to stay motivated by coping. This was a harsh reality when I realized that even at 29, when these heavy emotions would come up, I'd just tell myself, “I need a night out with friends to get my mind off of stuff” instead of running to God.

So instead of giving you five ways to stay motivated, I'm going to give you three ways to face the underlying issues that caused your motivation to leave.

First, you must be real before God, not that proverbial prayer like the little dolls we had growing up. But a real honest cry-out, broken, shattered, nothing else type of prayer. Like, “I'm hurting God. I have nothing to say, but I need your help to deal with this pain inside.”

The more you share the truth you’ve been hiding, the more God can give you His truth about you. That you have the mind of Christ, and that you are the apple of His eye, and where He is, there is freedom (scripture), and in your weakness, He is strong (scripture).

Second, don’t run from the crumbling. Like my younger self, I'd just bury the pain deep inside and run on with my life. But God doesn’t want that. He doesn’t want you to run to the next girls’ night or the next box of hair dye. He wants you to run to Him.

The feelings you feel, God can handle it.

The resentment you hold, God can handle it.

The letdown you’ve encountered, God can handle it.

Instead of running away, decide to face it with God this time.

Third, Get On Your Knees. If you’re the type that can’t get out of bed or off the couch, then decide to just get on your knees. Your knees are a place of surrendering and a place you will find healing. No matter how far I go in life, God calls me back to my knees.

No matter how much I think I'm healed, He reveals a broken piece still inside of that little girl that He can heal. God doesn't want you to just get a new bandage in the form of a coping mechanism for your life, but He wants you to touch the hem of His garment and get your healing.

Today, I pray you will get on your knees, bow down your pains, and watch how God can take the broken girl on the floor and turn her into a woman of faith!

Weekly Scripture

“And, behold, a woman, which was diseased with an issue of blood twelve years, came behind Him, and touched the hem of His garment”

Matthew 9:20

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