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Driving my old high school car on the same roads, I would spend many days and hours traveling back and forth from school to work. I smile because it was on these same roads that God whispered my name one day as a senior in high school. It was these same roads I’d be driving in silence crying due to a broken heart. It was these exact same roads on which I became ambitious for my dreams.

Long before I knew God, He would use my daily drive to show me issues in my heart. And now almost 10 years later, driving those same roads, I am so thankful for God calling me to be brave. To not run from the hurt, trauma, failures, and needs, but know that it would all work out for my good.

In these seven years of walking with God I've learned over and over again He calls me to be courageous.

He calls me to walk away from the things that I want to hold on to the tightest.

He calls me to forgive and let go even when the pain grips me.

He calls me to stop and wait on Him even when I want to run ahead.

He calls me to look and see with hope in my heart.

He calls me to go forward, not in fear, not in doubt, but in faith even when it’s hard.

If you’ve felt stuck, I want you to know that this is the season to be courageous. To trust God and Go on the adventure of faith.

I know being courageous is scary, but if you don’t make the brave decision, you’ll never go to the places that God wants to take you.

Now years later driving those same roads, I grip the wheel tight and smile, because all along God knew the heartache, failures and traumas were going to lead me here. He has shown me over and over again this isn’t a season to hide, but a season to show up in faith!

Show Up in Faith & Be Courageous!


“...Perhaps you have come into the Kingdom for such a time as this”

Esther 4:14

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