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Have More Joy This Summer

Summertime has arrived, but if you're like me you are still getting up daily going to your job and getting stuck in a routine! However, I want to challenge you to make this a summer you will never forget!

Make this the summer You choose transformation and decide to not wait for happiness and fun in your life, but embrace it now!

This is the summer to take risks! Like, creating that business, starting that ministry, getting a new job, trying a new meal plan, and stepping out of your comfort zone while allowing God to take you to new dimensions! Trust me I’ve been where you are and many days I have to fight the voices of “what if”.

"What if it doesn’t work out?"

"What if I don’t get the job?"

"What if I don’t get the apartment?"

"What if I fail?"

Many of us have these thoughts but God wants you to remember He is not a God of "What if’s" He is a God of Promises!!

He speaks and things change! Atmospheres obeys Him. Now, what has He spoken to you to change your atmosphere?

He told me to have more joy and fun in my life, to stop being such a robot and actually remember how it feels to love what I do! To live and have fun this summer. To Glow-Up which really means to have a powerful transformation internally and externally!

This word is for you too! So, if you’ve found yourself in similar boat… thinking about all the what if’s, stuck in autopilot, and feeling like your life can’t transform. Well, Daughter of God, it can, it comes with faith, obedience and trusting God every step of the way!

This summer rejoice in the Lord, Laugh Louder, Dance Longer, and Love Deeper!

Embrace Joy This Summer!

It’s Glow-Up Season!

Psalm 34:1

"I will bless the LORD at all times;

his praise shall continually be in my mouth."

Comment Below How you Plan to have more Joy this summer!

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03 jun 2019

I’m ready to glow up!!

Me gusta
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