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Happy & Single

I am overly accoladed in singleness. After six years of being mostly single I've learned a thing or two about being happy while single. Disclaimer: this doesn’t mean you will never have lonely nights, or scroll on instagram and see a happily married couple and wish that was you. This is all a part of singleness, and while you may have those feelings from time to time, you can still feel happy while single.

First, you must realize Singleness is a Gift!

Many women encourage you to take your time before settling down, to travel, dream, and explore. Because this is when a single woman starts to work on the best relationship of all, the relationship with herself. She picks up and travels, she goes to skate nights with friends, and she even binge-watches a whole Netflix© series in peace. All of this is a gift.

Second, She Falls in Love with Herself!

Yep, I said it. There is nothing wrong with falling deeply in love with yourself. I say this because years out of relationships, I had an inward battle with self-hatred. I overate to ease the pain. I drank to numb the trauma. I smoked to get lost. All of these things I did when I didn’t love myself. But one day, standing in my mirror after a few years of singleness, I finally loved myself. I loved the curves, the missing teeth, the stretch marks, the big teeth, and everything else. I had fallen in love with the woman God created…my true self.

Third, Save Yourself! Singleness took the laziness I had away.

For many years I thought when my husband came, then I'd buy a home, fix my credit, pay off my student loans, and even go for my dreams. I learned that Jesus already gave me permission to be great even without my husband. This scared me at first, but then I stopped waiting on my husband, and started living the life God kept showing. I realized I didn’t need my husband to save me. I can be the same myself, by trusting God and living a full life in Him.

As a woman who is single and not quite ready to mingle, who runs a ministry and does YouTube©, I am happy with where I am and trust me, sis, I ain’t rushing nothing.

The best place to be is in the will of God.

Enjoy Your Single Season, it’s only for a season.

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