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Got Modesty?

Modesty. What is it? What does it look like? This particular word has a tendency to loom over your head or even be daunting in one's Christian walk. This word, modesty, can be thrown at you at any given time, or someone will surely dig up past transgressions. As I sat down to write about this topic of modesty, it was a time for questioning, reflection, and, of course, researching.

Many define modesty only by appearance. Others define modesty by appearance and your behavior. Oxford Dictionary’s definition of modesty is behavior, manner, or appearance intended to avoid impropriety or indecency, especially to avoid attracting sexual attention. Merriam-Webster's definition of modesty is placing a moderate estimate on one's abilities or worth; neither bold nor self-assertive: tending toward diffidence; observing the properties of dress and behavior: decent.

Modesty is always geared toward women. This word seems to zone in on how a woman dresses and how she is supposed to conduct herself. A woman can be dressed and covered from head to toe but someone will find something wrong with her outfit and deem her immodest. Modesty doesn't stop with women. It is carried over to men as well. At least it should be!

If I bring up the bible and modesty, everyone's quick scripture to direct me to is 1Timothy 2:9 AMP: "Women should adorn themselves modestly and appropriately and sensibly in seemly apparel, not with elaborate hair arrangement or gold or pearls or expensive clothing”. When I read the bible and look up scriptures in regards to modesty, it does speak about clothing, but there is so much more to the word modesty. Modesty ties into your attitude, your heart, and the characteristics of God.

I'm not here to tell you how to dress, nor am I here to judge you. I've been in this Christian walk for a good while. I have seen and heard a lot in regards to modesty and how a woman should dress. I admit Christians are quick to judge and sometimes do not speak in love. In my walk, people in the faith have said some things to me that just weren’t right. No matter what I wore, something was always said to me. I would have "appropriate" clothing on. A skirt below my knee and a blouse, but still people would speak their ideas of modesty over me. It was my church's wild card. I have had every hair color under the sun, every hairstyle, and would sew my own clothes and change my style of fashion all the time. I still stayed in the "guidelines" of what religion said was appropriate, but I did it in my own unique way. In this Christian walk, God let me know that I am not like everyone else. Sometimes everyone can be stuck on the religion of Christianity and not the relationship with God.

My relationship with God correlates with my modesty. My modesty doesn't look like your modesty. People are quick to judge others without even knowing them or where they are in their walk with God. Women who might be new to the faith may not come dressing how you would dress, but yet you're quick to judge them. If you see someone like that, don't be quick to judge. Instead pray for them. And if God lays something on your heart to help them or say something to them, then do it in love. Modesty is different from person to person, and I think people forget that. You won't see me in a skirt all the way to my ankles or a long sleeve turtleneck as my daily attire, because it's just not my style. You won't see me out in a mini skirt with a crop top either. I love to play with patterns, textures, lengths, and fabrics.

As much as I love fashion, I still love God. Because of this love, I ask Him about my attire. If He is pleased with what I wear then everything else doesn't matter. Like I said before, modesty is so much more than just attire. It's about my attitude and if I'm showing the characteristics of my Heavenly Father. It's about my heart and what is residing there. It's about how I treat others and making sure they see my spiritual fruit. It's more than where my hemline stops and how low my blouse is cut. It's about strengthening my RELATIONSHIP with God, and as I do that, He begins to change the way I dress and how I talk and walk in this world. He made my modesty tailored and suited to fit only me because He made me uniquely draped in His image and cut from a different cloth! No longer do I take on others’ modesty or ideas of how I am supposed to dress. They have no heaven nor hell to put me in. My shopping partner and stylist is Jesus. If He gives me the go-ahead, then I'm good!

Modesty Check! What's your modesty looking like?

Keep growing and glowing Glowbabes!


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