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God is Your Foundation

Here lately I've been working to find my voice. Honestly growing up as a young girl, I was very talkative and very outgoing, but life struggles, heartbreak, and challenges made me quieter and more isolated. I truly believed being by myself was the only place I felt safe. Staying alone and keeping people at arm's length protected the shattered little girl inside that only wants to be safe.

Although that is how I've felt, God has challenged me to Glow Up even in the areas where I feel the safest. God has challenged me to make friends and do things with them. As well as go on the date, go to the concert, go to the pool and embrace people. God is pulling me out of my comfort zone. Which is actually what I've been praying for. The comfortable home, bed, streets, and daily routines are good, but at times we don't need God to show up because we are in control of it. Our incomes and routines make us comfortable, which is good, but at times God will come and shake up the comfortable seat you're sitting in to get you to a new table.

A table that you've been waiting on.

Maybe today you are scared, like me. About to embark on a leap of faith and unsure where you will land, I must remind you that when God is your foundation, you can't fail. That has been my saving grace, in knowing that as long as I'm attached to Him, I can't fail.

So, Daughters, don't be afraid, only trust and believe that when everything seems shaky God is still your foundation.

Weekly Scripture

"You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows"

Psalm 23:5

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