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God Brags On You!

I must stop all I’m doing and brag about YOU!

I don’t think we get enough of this, these positive affirmations about who we are, how we are. But I want to tell you that YOU are phenomenal. You have goals, dreams, visions, breath in your lungs, and, needless to say, you are stunning.

You somehow popped up here and I just know it was so I could brag about you! Now, do you realize that God brags about you? He delights in your love, your light, your service, your kindness, your gentleness, and even your rowdiness. God delights in your beauty, from your cheeks to your smile, to everything about you.

You and I, we see all our mishaps, but God knows who he formed and He knows who he has called.

He knew us before the pain, before the hurt, before the low self-esteem, before the anxiety, before the brokenness. And even now, with all our flaws, God loves us and calls us home into His presence!

I know it can seem odd, but God Brags On You!

He loves spending time with you. He loves stealing you away from the world just to get time to chat, God loves you and He is calling you.

Daughter, you are one step away from changing your life. That change does not come by spending $1,000 on a new course or adopting a new style. It starts with accepting the love of God in your life and wiping away guilt! Wiping away the voice in your head telling you that you didn't study enough, or you didn't do enough, or better yet, that you’re not pretty enough. The list can go on and on. Soon we find ourselves not living in God's love, but living in the guilt of not being enough.

Release the guilt and move into the love of God.

This is your chance to take the step closer to God. To seek God in new ways! You are just one step away!


But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

Matthew 6:33

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