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Girl Face Your Mountain

The mountain must be faced, before it faces you.

“Girl, Face Your Mountain” was what I heard while taking a two-week-long sabbatical. This rest was needed. I had lost passion, vision, and desire for a lot of things. I was desperately running on fumes, and no morning study or prayer was filling me up. The mountain in front of me was FOMO…Fear Of Missing Out! I thought, that if I took a break, our numbers will drop all over the board, from ministry engagement to sign-ups, to social media followers, etc. My fear of missing out made me keep going and pushing even when I desperately needed to fill back up. 

The mountain of “Rest and Let Go” was what I first needed to face, but truly as I embarked on my

sabbatical, it wasn’t just rest and let go, it was so much deeper. I needed to let go of the things I truly couldn’t control. I needed to address the pain of the current season. I needed to heal from failures and struggles. My working non-stop was just a mask, and underneath the facade, I was filled with fear and worry. I needed to address the “True Issues Mountain”, and that was fear. The grappling fear of failure or missing my mark had me running and doing, but not truly in peace, but in fear.

We all have mountains, and many times we camouflage them with other things, like overworking, overplanning, doing absolutely nothing, procrastinating, perfectionism, and a lot more. The mountain must be faced, before it faces you.

Don’t fear, Sis, face your mountain.

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Ruth Lugo
Ruth Lugo
10 Haz

Hi Morgan ❤️ new to your website and Youtube and I am loving your energy. I can see the light of Christ through you ✨️

Your content has been so inspiring especially during a season of transition from the wilderness to the promise land. Fear grapples many of us and paralyzes us, but what a wonderful reminder to face the mountains and with faith, they will be moved! Glory be to God for giving us the strength and courage to overcome giants, and giving us manna when we are depleated. I took a little break from Instagram to reshift my focus and so many ideas and dreams came back. A few weeks back I found myself in comparison, fear, and…


I'm going to be honest, I haven't been doing these devotionals a lot but something told me to look at this one. And as soon as I saw the "Face your mountain" I said oh my word! Because at church that is all we have been talking about and I am currently on my way to Atlanta to go get all kinds of scans done because I have found out that a tumor I had removed almost 5 years ago is back. But I am praying and believing that when I get there my tumors are going to be gone and I can finally say God moved my mountain into the sea!

Şu kişiye cevap veriliyor:

Praying for you and believing for Abba Father’s healing over your body, I pray and stand in faith that the tumour is gone from your body in Jesus name! That mountain has been moved by faith, blessed be because you are well Sis 🙌🏾.

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