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Getting Prepared!

Preparation; the action or process of making ready or being made ready for use

Sitting in my home office looking at all the amazing things that have come just from an idea that I decided to move on. The truth is, it wasn't just a normal idea, but a word so deep that it sparked fire into my bones.

Maybe you know what I am talking about, an idea that has the power to change your lives.

Years ago I would write all these amazing ideas in my journals, I would think of ways to make them come to life, but weeks, months and even years would go by and I would have never prepared for it.

I would look up and wonder why God hadn't allowed that door to open, but now I realize God was waiting on me to active my faith and Go hard for the vision! Not just sit and wait or think about it and never act.

God desired me to Prepare for it!

As I prepared my schedule, life, and heart to receive I began to see how it all tied to the amount of work I was willing to put in.

Was I willing to put work in on my heart, my mind, my overall well-being to achieve the vision?

Without preparation, I was telling God I really didn't want it, but with preparation came faith.

A shift didn't happen until I began to prepare/work for the blessing of a ministry or the blessing of a better paying job.

There is a blessing tied to our ideas, but we have to move on those ideas to see the blessing in it. God wants us to practice our faith by utilizing what He has given us, the power of faith and vision.

God opens doors in our lives, based on what we have believed for and prepared for. Preparation is an example of audacious faith. If we prepare for the open door in our lives, we are putting ourselves in the perfect position to receive. Our Preparation matters!

Get Prepared by having a plan and structure for what you will do when the blessings come.

2 Cor. 5:7

"We walk by Faith and not by sight"

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