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Getting Fed Up!

When you are tired and fed up with losing in life, that’s when things change! When you get tired of looking at the same room, the same low balance in your checking account, and when you realize that it’s all a daily adventure, you must be willing to take the leaps, face the truth, cry the tears, and love. That is life; not feeling stuck, lost, and confused. Life is not the ‘rut’ that so many of us find ourselves in.

I didn’t just wake up one day and *poof* my life was changed. No! I was tired and fed up with looking at the same place, feeling the same inferior feelings. So I made a plan that no matter the loss, I would go for my vision. I would lose sleep, I would lay in bed alone, I would put off my personal agenda and timeline, and submit it to God.

The first issue with our loss is having standards that are too low. We don’t expect God to show up, we don’t believe He can do a miracle in our lives, and we don’t even try to believe for big things! This is the first thing...when we raise our standards, the quality of our lives change. We don’t accept things that don’t align.

Let go of your ideal path. Notice I said path, not vision. Many times our visions just show us the end result, but we don’t know how to get there. So we conjure up a way to make it, and we usually pick the fastest route. We have to be willing to let that go and trust God’s path. We may find ourselves working a job that doesn’t complement our vision, but God knows what He is doing.

Make room for what you want. A big way we lose is that we hide and neglect what we actually want. Decide what you want for 2020, and work towards making that reality. Once you decide, you must make room for it. Think about it, if you want a whole new wardrobe, then remove the things that you don’t like. That is making room. If you desire to see a shift in your finances, make room in your life to try new ventures that could bring in new finances.

Just because we do these things, we won’t see it fully revealed unless we put in the work! The formula for not losing... is action. Losing comes from inaction! When you do nothing towards what we want, then we put ourselves in a losing state. But action will put us in the winning state! Deciding to do one thing daily towards your dreams and goals will allow you to be a winner in 2020!

Refusing to lose is deciding that no setback, no failure, no inadequacy will keep you from winning this year! It doesn’t come with just one decision, but a daily decision. You must decide to not lose. you must decide to bounce back up and get eager about your life!

Losing is not a Godly way! God wins. God makes you a winner. God calls you a ‘winner’, and you must win in 2020! Your health, family, community, and audience are waiting for you!

Refuse to Lose in 2020!


but thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.

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I think I'm at this point in my life now. I'm fed up! I have those inferior feelings and I'm jjst wondering what is my purpose. I had to, well have to be honest with my self! I'm not stepping out on faith and I haven't done anything different. So I'm reaydy to take action. I refuse to lose in 2020!

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