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Get Into The Moment

Maybe you've been where I've been. Down the same road of past memories and all the emotions and feelings come flooding your mind again. I know we've all been there. I've even caught myself reliving a whole scenery from 5 years ago while missing out on the moment of now.

Many times in my life I find myself looking back at scenarios, dramatic scenes regrets, and old seasons. I've learned something that when we look back we have 2020 vision, we see our mistakes, regrets, and lessons. However, I've oftentimes found myself with a clearer view of my past than my future. I had gotten so used to those seasons that I was walking forward but still reaping the same results.

Maybe you are here too and I want to share with you ways I help myself create new hope, and vision for my life.

It all starts with Taming Your Mind, It's easy to look behind but our goals are not what is behind us, but what is ahead of us. What lays in the future and that should be our focus. what is ahead? When a thought of that past comes along that has no great purpose, we stop and redirect our minds to what we desire for our future. It can be our to-do list or the present moment. The goal is to get out of the past and into the Now!

Next, Getting A New Name for your Season, I want to challenge you to grab a new name for this season, what are the names you've been calling it and remove those from your dictionary.

Have you said hard, lacking, overwhelmed, depressed, unhappy, confused, hurt, or alone? Whatever you've been calling this season, let's try calling it something else, what word would you like to see in your life? It can be blossom, fearless, courageous, trust, blessings, prosperity, revenue, advancement, or anything else. You want this word to guide you on your road of abundance.

This is your time to get up and decide to win at life. I know it can be hard, but it's easy to stay where you are and it's even easier to live the same year twice. I've done it and it reveals that we aren't transforming in our walks and lives in God. Our goal is to change into the women He has called us to Be!

May you step fully into her!

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