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Get Happy, Daughter

Sitting on my couch one evening scrolling through YouTube looking for a video to make me happy when I knew deeply that my happiness is internal first, before it can be external.

I knew that my true happiness isn’t tied to physical gain, but things that are within, like love, hope, connections, and God.

However, I sat numbly scrolling through YouTube trying to do something to take me away from the present moment of my life. The present moment of my fears....the fears of not reaching my goals, not losing the weight and the fear of always being alone. These fears stared me in the face and had me in a place of being stuck.

Although, I sat there with these fears, instead of running from them, I addressed them.

First, I wrote out every fear I had. Then I made an action plan to overcome my fears. Like showing up to the gym and just trying multiple times a week. Or deciding to join a life-group at my local church and get involved or take action on a dream and then let God do what I cannot.

I realized making the action plan was a major key to overcome my fears. Fear wants to keep us stagnant when God wants us to flow and live without resistance.

After I made an action plan I had to realize that my happiness started now and not when I achieved my goals, but on the journey.

Going through the process of life we can all have happiness. We don't have to prolong our joy or our happiness and it doesn't have to be short lived. We can decide today to get happy again.

To love again, to explore again, to dream again, and to go hard for God again.

Today, I challenge you to stop resisting happiness and start embracing it, right were you are.

Get Happy, Daughter

Weekly Scripture

"...Who knows if perhaps you were called for such a time as this?”

Esther 4:14

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