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From Broken To Beautiful

While walking in my bedroom I felt a sting in my foot. I had stepped on a broken piece of glass. Little, but sharp, I saw in that piece that we all still have broken pieces in our lives. A little sharp piece that, at the right moment, something we do will trigger the pain. It may be a past memory, a broken heart, a fatherless daughter, or a piece of unforgiveness. No matter how long we walk with God, He will continue to show us broken pieces in our lives.

Here recently God showed me that my worth is broken, that I don’t know my true worth, and this error has led me in the wrong direction. In my past, it was into the arms of the wrong men. Then it led me to a place of feeling trapped within my own body.

When we know our worth we know our value, we know what we can and can’t accept, we have principles and standards that we live by and instead of going down, we make others rise higher. Our worth will show up in our quality of life and, trust me, the more you spend time with Jesus and awakening the more you see the true worth within you.

I’m still on this journey of fully embracing my worth, but for now, I know one thing to be true…we are worth more than rubies and gold, and nothing compares to a Daughter of God. We are strong and we are overcomers and we can and will Walk Worthy, even with broken pieces.

Don’t allow the broken pieces in your life to deter you from running after God, because He didn’t come for the fixed, perfect, religious people.

He came for the brokenhearted.

He came for the crushed in spirit.

He came for the lame one.

He came for the blind one.

He came for the depressed one.

He came for the lost one.

He came for the anxious one and, most of all, He came to bear our broken pieces.

Trust Him with your Brokenness, He will use it to make you even more beautiful.


"She is more precious than rubies; nothing you desire compares with her."

Prov. 3:15

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