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Finding The Answer

Today my goal is to allow you to stop looking outside of yourself but to begin looking within. The Bible says, “Do you know not that the spirit of the Lord dwells within you?” and that always blows my mind. Like, You want to live inside of me, Lord? The backslider, the double-minded, the hurt, the feeble Morgan? And He always says YES!

That “yes” is like music to my ears, and I want to share with you the ways to finding purpose in your life. It doesn’t come from an encouraging message from somebody else or a word someone else gives you. It all comes from the revelation and confirmation God gives you. I know this to be true. I’ve gone back and forth in my life trying to figure out what I was supposed to do, but God would confirm it in a dream, in a vision, in a fire for it, and in a setback.

I want to encourage you to start listening to the Spirit of God in you. The best advice, the best words, and the best ideas will come from there. Not outside of you, but from within. Listen to the Holy Spirit to be your guide and encourager. Finding purpose again begins when we redirect our focus from all our issues to the power of the Holy Spirit dwelling inside of us.

One day, I was down and felt lost, and I cried and asked God where He was. I needed Him but He had been so distant; therefore I asked and looked for a sign. Until one day He whispered, “I am in all things and in You!” His words hit me, tears rolled down my cheeks. I was seeking men, money, and success to take care of all my problems when the true answer lived in me all along. My redeemer had always lived in me. I now realized it and He was my answer.

I challenge you to take time to prayer journal to help you get clear on God in your life. This is to help you find clarity in your walk with God and to find purpose in your life again.

Knowing Your Answer is only Jesus, will give you peace of mind that a loving powerful God is on your side and guiding you along the way.

If you feel unsure about a decision, unsure about your future, unsure about your life, get to a place of Trusting God Again as the Answer of Your Life!


" Do you not know that you are the temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you? "

1 Cor. 3:16

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