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Finding Rest in God

Finally, I understand the purpose of resting in the Lord. It’s been hard, honestly, I love being an independent creative woman on fire for God. New ideas and creative juices come and I run to produce them. I know many times I put myself in predicaments that have overwhelmed me. It caused me to strive for myself and not God. I lost focus of God while only focused on my goals. I was wrong. I loved God, but my goals, desires, and pride had it’s own path.

Somehow, it took getting a little sickness that made me take a day off that revealed how fragile I really am. It showed me how much I really do need God in all my endeavours. Not just faith related, but business related and everything else that pops up in my life.

Entering into the rest of God is what takes us from our own strengthn to a divine inner strength. Not just on Saturday (Sabbath), but everyday of the week and through every season of Life we can enter into rest. Entering into the rest of the Lord means we as people can enter into the Power of God. This God desires for us. We can stop striving and overworking ourselves and find a joyous, peaceful, rest in the Lord.

It took me seeing how fragile I really am to see I can’t do this all on my own. I need that Rest in the Lord. I need Him.

Today, if you find yourself similar to me, don’t wait until you're sick or financially stuck to recollect and examine your life. Do it now and seek the Rest of God.

Much Love and Blessings to you

Morgan Tracy J.

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