Faithless to Faithful

Running of fumes, looking at that long to-do list, feeling overwhelmed throughout my entire body, while my mind just screams for a break, while my life just begs for me to stop. 

Have you ever been there, where you pushed yourself so hard, and are running on nothing? Not even Grace?

Well I have. Actually quite often. I’ve found myself there, and while I wanted to stop, all my responsibilities stared me in the face. However, this feeling of overwhelming stress and pressure turned into key signs of me being faithless

“Faithless” means to doubt or not acknowledge. I found myself many times in a place of doubting God's will, doubting my abilities to get it done, and even choosing to not acknowledge God. 

I was pretty faithless when I thought I was faithful. 

Even when I was faithless, going astray, going missing on God and my responsibilities, God was faithful. Even when I wanted other things more than I wanted God, He was still faithful. 

Even when I ran ahead of God and stumbled, He was always faithful. Even when I began worshipping man, God was still faithful.

I want you to know that the faithless areas in your life can turn around in an instant, the areas you don’t know how it will go, can all change in a day. You can go from a faithless woman to a faithful woman of God.

Don’t let your faithlessness hold you back from your faithful God. 

God is faithful to us always, even when we turn our backs and become lovers of ourselves. God is ever faithful to us. 

That love is unconditional and that love breaks every lie and every fear. That love always catches you and guides you. That love is the Faithful Love of God.

Today, if you feel like there are some areas in your life in which you’ve been faithless, release and surrender those areas to God. Allow Him to take it, and get back to a faithful stance. 

No matter what storm, no matter how hard we may fall, God is always faithful to us.

"if we are faithless, he remains faithful— for he cannot deny himself."

2 Timothy 2:13

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