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Faith in the Morning

Sitting on my mom's couch while the sunshine pours through the window curtain, and I realize that many days from just starting my ministry, all my days had to start with faith.

From waking up for my 8 a.m. college class to building a ministry while working a full-time job, all my days had to start with faith.

Faith is when we believe in the things unseen, so every morning I'd start my day with believing in the things that had not yet come. I wouldn’t just look at my goals, first I'd get planted firmly in who holds my future, and that is God.

I’d start with scripture and prayer journaling. This was the foundation I needed to keep the faith. This was the key that kept me going on days I wanted to give up, or the days I didn’t see growth. I realized that my faith in God was the foundation to having a great day.

In God, I could be patient.

In God, I could share love.

In God, I could have hope.

So no matter the challenges that I would face that day, I would be ready!

Faith starts in the morning. Everyday we rise, we pull on good faith that today will be better, that today we will achieve, that today we will be our greatest self thus far. Having a faithful morning leads to a powerful day and a more purposeful life.

Many people wonder, how did you grow in God? How did you increase your faith to believe in God for the promise? How did you build this? Honestly, it was from my daily habits. The daily morning routine led and impacted the rest of my life.

My goal is not to tell you when to wake up and to pour a cup of coffee with the perfect setting, but to get a mindset every morning of faith. The mindset of Christ is a mindset of hope and love. The mindset to see the best in every situation and the mindset to challenge yourself to go for all that God has for you.

Don’t miss out on the powerful mornings, they are a setup for the rest of your life.

Weekly Scripture

"She will call on me, and I will answer her;

I will be with her in trouble,

I will deliver her and honor her."

Psalm 91:15

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