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Faith & Fashion

Faith and fashion. The question is can they mix? Should they even mix? Many people believe that faith and fashion can't coexist. Believers and even non-believers think that fashion and God don't mix and shouldn't mix because it might be viewed as too worldly. How can I be a Christian and still love external things like clothes, shoes, and accessories, and throw in a dash of makeup? My passion for fashion started in middle school. I went to a Christian school where I had to wear uniforms. Yes, uniforms! When you're little, of course, wearing the same thing day in and day out doesn't affect you. As I grew older my view started to change. I loved to dress up and play in my mother's closet and walk around in her shoes. I almost had a double life, I went to school in my uniform but as soon as I got home you would catch me changing my clothes. Once I transferred to a public school that was my chance to break free. I would put together outfits and play with patterns. I even began making clothes for myself, and I also made pieces for my classmates as well.

As I got older my faith walk grew, my clothes changed with the growth, but I still expressed myself through my clothing. Sometimes I felt guilty because I loved fashion, and I would always question how could I love fashion and love the Lord at the same time? Over time, God revealed to me that it's OK to love fashion and serve Him. Nothing ever comes before Him, not even fashion. He taught me that He made me creative. I have been this way since birth and it grew and morphed over the years. I get to use fashion for His glory and to interact with people who need a little faith, confidence, or just a kind word. I get to pour into people when I work with them and I truly love it! Many people will raise the question, shouldn't we be concerned with the conditions of our hearts and not our clothes? Of course, we should but, that's another topic for another day. To an extent, our outer appearance sometimes reflects what's going on internally. I'm not consumed by fashion nor obsessed with it, but I do believe that when a person feels a certain way about themselves and they put on clothing that makes them see themselves in a different way, that they operate differently. Fashion for me is simply creativity, and I believe God has called me to be used in this world in fashion. I love to see the transformations of others’ spirits when I style them. They walk a little taller and see themselves as worthy. Come along with me on this fashion journey as I dive into fashion topics from the faith, modesty, all the way to fashion tips and undergarments. It all matters! God cares about every detail of your life, all the way down to your fashion, and I'm here to let you know it's OK for you to look good and feel good and be creative in your wardrobe, all while respecting and serving God. Are you ready to glow up in your fashion? Until next time, be blessed Glowbabes!

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