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F O C U S.

As a content creator I am always working with my camera in my hand. Trying new angles and filters to make the quality of the picture better, while capturing the vision. However, I quickly learned that if the camera isn’t in focus on the target the entire image turns blurry and the blur can be very upsetting after recording an entire video then to realize you was never in focus.

This ministered to me about how, when I am not focused on God and all his goodness everything in life gets blurry. My vision and previous revelations gets blurry, my hope and decision making gets blurry, and before I know it I feel as if I can't get my focus back on God. Like “God where did you go”? When in honesty I took my focus off of Him.

When we acknowledge that whatever we focus on feeds our spirit, then we may start paying more attention to what we allow to have our attention on the daily. Are we constantly watching reality shows with much drama, or shows that deal with a lot of violence and lewd language, are we watching things that are provocative and is just one scene away from being considered pornography?

Whatever we allow to take our focus that is what we began to internalize. Once our eyes are off of God our full image gets blurry and if we do focus in on something it's most likely negative. Our fears, doubts and insecurities can become our full focus while God lingers in the background blur.

Our daily awareness of what we are focusing on can be a big shift in our everyday life. We will no longer allow hours of tv to consume us. We will no longer need to be stimulated by external practices, but we will allow the awareness of our focus to be centered on God so the desire and hunger for life will be revealed in our actions.

Find your target and watch how everything in the background becomes a blur. The more we focus on God the more our financial problems, fears, and doubts will be overshadowed by the presence of God. Our only peace lays within the Father, it is up to us to take back our focus when we see the image getting blurry.

When we allow our focus to be on God that allows the things of God to consume our lives even in our busy schedules. While driving our mind isn’t consumed with fears and doubts, but the goodness of God. We allow praise and thanksgiving to reside on us all day even in the tough times. We allow the thought of His goodness swarm us even when doing busy tasks. We are not subject to God only in our prayer closet or quiet time, but anywhere and everywhere. An internal God that goes wherever you go may allow you to see that little things no longer have to take our focus, but each time we are no longer in focus to acknowledge the blur coming in our lives and give God the focus He deserves.

When the image gets B L U R R Y run back to God to get you back in F O C U S.

- The Awakened Daughter

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