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Every Morning

We overlook our needs and wants. We run after daily errands, and put our dreams in the back seat of our lives. We look to God, but when He prompts us to do something that causes us to step out of our comfort zone we freeze up and stick to the norm. Well, today's message isn't about the toddler, wifely duties, college classes, or your 9 to 5. Today's message is about you and your personal health.

If you are always tired, depleted, overwhelmed and close to an anxiety attack, you may be not be working in your purpose.

You may be working for someone else, but you must be willing to work for yourself and on yourself daily! The biggest work we neglect is personal development.

So, it's time to get back to You!

Don't lose yourself in the midst of your busy day to day life, but be willing to find yourself again. The happy, joyous, creative, loving life, Daughter of God.

That is who you are!

The snooze button will become less desirable because you are ready to hit the ground running! The enemy is Afraid You because He knows what you are carrying even if you don't! Your Purpose energizes You. No energy means we are not working towards our purpose enough!

Find Yourself and Find Your Purpose.

So, stop letting your job zap all your energy. Stop letting the leeches in your life come and take all you have left. Pour back into you, by focusing on the ideas, visions, and dreams in your heart.

No more neglecting you, but embracing you!

Pour love back into You!

Get Your Energy back, by doing something for the better version of you every Morning!

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Jan 18, 2019

Thank you..Am blessed to read this, exactly what I need to do!God bless you❤️


This is so on time! God bless you for your divine obedience! I literally prayed this out this morning! I am just so blessed by this!


Liliy Nimohh
Liliy Nimohh
Jan 17, 2019

Exactly what has been happening to me and this is another confirmation from God that it is about that time i come out of my comfort zone.

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