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Embracing The Fire

Some days I have to push myself extra hard or encourage myself to complete certain tasks, but once in awhile, I’ll get such a fire in my belly and I don't have to push myself, it comes natural. It can be a good book that speaks to my soul or deadline that excites me to push myself. Recently, it was a personal project. Even as I slept my thoughts was only focused on this project. This was the first thing I thought of when I woke up and the last thing as I drifted away to sleep. Unsure about why this fire for this project spurred up I took my time before jumping into it.

Time for Work

However, when I did I knew this was God's way of pulling me to do His work and complete it. When the fire of God burns in you there is no room for procrastination or a cup of coffee in the sunset. It’s time for work! God is using you (His instrument) for something great.

The fire is what pushed me to write my first ebook. The fire made me stay up late in college plotting on a ministry that only lived in my mind. The fire made me work five days non stop to turn a storage room into my new office and recently God did it again. The fire fueled me for a 21 day fast.

Embracing The Fire

When we experience that random rush of a fire we must embrace it, put the work in that is needed because the power of God is at work and it’s strong. This fire burned so bad at 3 in the morning I finally heard an inner whisper that said: “Go to bed”. Personally, I was still on fire I could’ve done more, but I obeyed.

When the spirit of God brings fire in your belly embrace it. He is preparing you for the miracle, blessing, and provision that is coming. He knows what He has in store for you and this fire is no random occurrence it’s the hand of God positioning you into new territory.

If you have been without fire or passionless in your purpose, faith, and daily life tasks, began seeking the Lord for more of His fire. He will give it openly.

Never sleep on the fire God puts inside you, embrace it! Embrace the Fire!

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