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Don't Hold Yourself Back!

Back in April of 2018, I was living with my parents when God offered me an idea. The idea was to begin helping other women with a vision to build and run their own ministries. Out of excitement, I ran into the living room and blurted it to my mom, “Hey, I’m going to help build other mInistries'.

Then, with a funny look, she said “Okay!” It was odd to both of us because I was still building my own ministry and not earning any income. I was just struggling to get by.

With God’s idea in my head, I made a few graphics, but it seemed so far fetched that I put it away and got back to my original plan...just running my YouTube channel and my blog.

Now, almost 2 years later, I finally have the faith to do it. Nothing changed within me from then until now except my faith and being in a crisis season!

See, when I was comfortable I had the option of not doing it, but when my back was against the wall when I felt like I was sinking and had no money coming in to take care of my ministry and day-to-day expenses, I knew I had to do something. That’s when I remembered that idea again, and instead of shouting it, I just did it!

Maybe you have ideas you’ve put to the back of your to-do list and decided not to do, maybe you’ve held yourself back as well. But I want to challenge you to wake from your slumber to no longer neglect the powerful gifts inside of you!

Your creativity is a gift from God.

Your servant's heart is a gift from God.

Your ability to speak is a gift from God.

Your ability to sow is a gift from God.

Your ability to design is a gift from God.

Your wisdom is a gift from God. And your passion for others is a gift from God.

Let’s decide in 2020 we will no longer neglect our gifts!

Let’s refuse to live the same year twice!

Let’s refuse to put our dreams on the backburner.

Let's refuse to have the same money blocks.

Let’s refuse to neglect our God-given talents in 2020!

Stop Holding Yourself Back, because it's nobody, but the lack of faith and confidence in God that is keeping you from doing your Vision!


“Do not neglect the spiritual gift within you…”

1 Tim 4:14

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1 Comment

This blog TRULY spoke to me because I'm my biggest competition. I hold myself back! I really appreciate this, now I can download the workbook and really begin push myself forward. Thank you!

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