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Devotion Time

My morning devotional videos are my most watched. Personally, devotion gets hard for me sometimes. I can feel uninterested, burnt out, and like I'm doing something wrong, especially when no big revelation hits. I always feel “less than” when it comes to my devotional time because I don’t know the Word as good as Priscilla Shier or Billy Graham.

However, even with all these inward struggles I've learned three things about my morning devotional routine that have blessed me in my personal walk with God.

First, you just need to show up, and let God do the rest.

See, when we just show up with a heart open to love and the possibilities in God, we experience just that. We experience love and we experience a cup overflowing with gratitude and hope for our future.

Next, we must be willing to pour out.

I would come to devotional like a perfect little lady, until I realized there was nothing perfect about me. I sin everyday in my mind, I run ahead of God, I get frustrated easily, and a lot more. So, when I started going to God with honesty about my lack of forgiveness or my struggles with singleness, then I began to be healed. When we are real with God and pour out of all of our inward problems, work begins to take place and heal us for the better.

Lastly, the key to powerful devotion is faithfulness.

God just wants to see us be faithful in His love. To not throw in the towel. To not run back to old ways. To decide to stick it out with Him and go through it even if it’s less than pleasing.

Our faithfulness shows when the desire is gone, when the fire fades out, when the church bells aren’t ringing, when we are alone and no one is pushing us to pray. That is when faithfulness will show up.

My hope is that you realize that I, too, struggle with devotion. I struggle if I'm doing it right or doing it at all. I doubt, I get insecure about scripture, and more. However, through all of it, I decide to be faithful to God. No matter how long I go through the storm, no matter the outcome, no matter the defeat, I ain’t going nowhere. Because I’ve learned from trial and error, better is one-day in God's house then one-thousand days elsewhere!

Devote time to staying in His House!

Weekly Scripture


"A single day in your courts is better than a thousand anywhere else! I would rather be a gatekeeper in the house of my God than live the good life in the homes of the wicked."

Psalms 84:10

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Am glad to I found your blog. Great piece

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