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Destiny Moments

When was the last time God left you speechless? Every few years I get asked this question because, when I’m left speechless it’s usually because a miracle has occurred in my life.

Another word for this is a destiny-moment. The moment you align with your purpose, or when just one decision leads to many opened doors and opportunities.

Honestly, I can look back over my life and see how destiny-moments weren’t always easy, but have shaped me into the person I am today, and have allowed God to leave me speechless.

My first destiny-moment was when I was in college, shacking up with a boyfriend at the time and I felt God calling me higher. This call was getting louder and louder, so I made a hard decision to move out and go back to campus and live in a dorm room with community showers.

This was a hard decision to make, but that was the start of my ministry. Within the next 2 months, I preached at a church service and new what I was called to do. God left me speechless.

Another decision was to move to a new city and go back to school. Somehow after eight months of figuring things out, hitting roadblocks and no money, finally doors opened, apartments opened up, the class was so easy, and grace just followed me into that destiny-moment. Making the decision to go back to school and move to a new city, all resulted in me being full-time in the ministry today and allowing my ministry to impact thousands more. God left me speechless.

Even back then when I didn’t know what all these decisions would end in, somehow God was up to something amazing. He was working all things for my good and making me even better. I had to make the decision in faith even when I didn't know the outcome.

Destiny-moments show up in all of our lives, they come camouflaged with fear, but on the other side of it, is a blessing so big, that it will leave you speechless.

My prayer is that we all embrace the destiny-moments that show up in our lives and not run from them, but face them head-on.

Your destiny-moment is calling you because God always wants to take us higher in Him and reveal more of His love to us. So, today, embrace your destiny-moment.

Weekly Scripture

"Daughter, Your Faith has made you whole, go in peace and be healed of your affliction."

Mark 5:34

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