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Conquer Your Mind

It starts with an idea. Years ago, at age 20, my sister gifted me a journal, and that is when my journey of prayer journaling began. I started to write my fears and hopes, desires and more. Everything I am today, started in my prayer journal. I’d sit down and write out my dream life, where I saw myself, what I said to myself. I’d even write out how I saw my classes going. This is how I released fear and stayed focused.

I realized before I could take on the ministry, I first had to take on my mind. I had to realize that my mind was a battlefield, and I needed the right equipment to conquer it. Before you can take on your dreams and goals, first get your mind clear.

First: Word of God

You want to have a favorite scripture that you can speak aloud to yourself when your mind is going against you. You want to be able to speak the scripture and believe the scripture. For example, “I have the mind of Christ” or “God will never leave me nor forsake me”. I believe that my mind is goodness and love. I believe that no matter how much I fall, God will never leave me. This helps me on the days, my mind is telling me the opposite.

Second: Your “One Line”

Your one line is similar to an elevator pitch, but we use this one line to fight against doubt and fear. A “one line” is something you say to yourself that empowers you. That “one line” for me is “I am Morgan Tracy J, an international women empowerment speaker”. This “one line” I've been saying since 2015, even with no ministry, no following, no sure path on how to get there. I kept saying this to myself and still do today. Find your “one line” and remind yourself who God said you are!

Third: One Thing that Centers You

Last, but not least, you need to have one activity that helps center you and bring you peace when feeling overwhelmed. This activity will actually be a technique you will draw on when you find yourself working against yourself. “Against yourself'' means when you feel worried, doubtful, stressed out or overwhelmed. Doing one thing to center you will help you battle the mind.

My one thing is prayer journaling, or putting on a fifteen minute timer and mediatiting, or taking a deep breath and thanking God for one thing. Each of these are used in different scenarios, based on my location and timing at the moment. Nonetheless, they are all powerful and have truly helped me get back to feeling centered.

Implement these three practices in your life and watch your faith elevate, situations become calmer, and worry and doubt will be released.

The first battle to conquer is your mind sis!

Weekly Scripture

"For, “Who can know the LORD’s thoughts? Who knows enough to teach him?” But we understand these things, for we have the mind of Christ."

1 Cor. 2:16

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